Champions League 2017/18: Juventus v Tottenham (Last 16, 1st Leg)

Talk to most people about Europe and you will be met with moans and groans that regard the never-ending Brexit debate, but thankfully on these pages we are talking about the glorious return of Champions League football. With the wheat separated from the chaff, we have some brilliant last 16 ties to look forward to… Read More Champions League 2017/18: Juventus v Tottenham (Last 16, 1st Leg)

FA Cup 2017/18

Ah, the first week of January. Stacks of emails, Christmas bills, new rotas, resolutions, gym memberships, and of course, the dreaded ‘dry month’ Challenges.   However, fear not, I promise you that there is something good about this month; The third round of the FA Cup. Yes, one of the oldest competitions in the history… Read More FA Cup 2017/18

EFL Cup 2017-18

As the unloved sister to the FA Cup, the EFL Cup would seem ripe for an upset winner. With the importance of going as far in, and qualifying for, the Champions League as possible for the top 5 of 6 teams, and then the multitude of teams that are involved with relegation, Premier League clubs… Read More EFL Cup 2017-18

Ligue 1 2017/18

Neymar may have had his reasons for moving to PSG from Barcelona, however rich they may be, but it won’t take long for the Brazilian to be winning trophies and PSG ought to retain their title. The supper club have Champions League glory as their main aim nowdays but had won four straight titles on… Read More Ligue 1 2017/18